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How can I help?

Image by John Schnobrich
Image by Kane Reinholdtsen


I've got more than a decade of experience in content design, content strategy, UX writing, and leadership at companies including Google, Facebook, AOL, Credit Karma, and Color. I love sharing knowledge and skills gleaned through my experience, and helping coach people through new or challenging situations.

Reach out to see how I might be able to help you with getting started in content or product design, changing careers, increasing your influence, dealing with difficult partners, interviewing, presenting your work, and more.

Speaking and workshops

Want me to talk to your team or a bunch of people about working in content design and user experience? I'd be happy to.

As a seasoned presenter who spent part of my career teaching public speaking and presentation development, I can deliver talks or facilitate workshops, depending on the needs of your team or event. Reach out to see what I might be able to do for your audience.

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