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It's French for "summary"

Content design manager

APRIL 2021–MARCH 2023


Supported content designers working on registration, administration, and reporting for diagnostics, vaccines, genomics and more

Contributed to design system documentation, terminology, and inclusive standards

Established guidelines for working without content design resources

Hired content designers and fostered development of design team culture

Sr. content designer

MARCH 2020–APRIL 2021

Developed content to help people make financial progress and get access to financial health resources.

Content strategy manager
Content strategist

Supported content strategists creating advertiser tools and services. As an IC, planned and developed UX content with ads and identity teams.

AUGUST 2015–MARCH 2020

Sr. content strategist

AUGUST 2013–JULY 2015

Wrote, edited, and developed strategy for help content and UX copy for Google advertising products. Led AdWords content strategy & development style committee. Developed peer writing feedback program.

Content strategist and producer

MARCH 2013–JULY 2013

Developed social media content, video content, and partner content strategy for clients. Wrote and edited copy for university fundraising campaign.

Other stuff


Product marketing! Community management! Editing! Training! Customer support! News, feature, and review writing!

See LinkedIn for more.

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