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Here's a sampling of some of my work from the last few years.

Content basics for non-content designers


Color Health, 2023

With a small (but mighty!) content design team, we couldn't support every project with a content designer. I built out an internal resource for engineers, product managers, product designers, and anyone else who might find themselves writing content without our direct support.

Color design system

Color Health, 2021-2023

Color had recently hired a large design (and engineering) team, and needed to create components, patterns, and other design system elements. I collaborated with our design systems team to write and organize design system documentation, including the elements mentioned above as well as content design standards, principles, and terminology.

Color Design System screenshot: Button standards
All of Us genetic report screenshot: options for your DNA

All of Us: "Options for your DNA results"

Color Health, 2022

Color built the genetic report interface for the NIH's All of Us DNA research program, which needed a way to inform participants about their options for seeing or hiding those results. I wrote clear, informative copy that not only described those options, but also made clear what would happen to your information if you chose to hide them.

Relief Roadmap

Credit Karma, 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, we knew we might be able to point people to some relief based on the information we already had from their credit reports. We began building what came to be called the “Relief Roadmap” using a modular system that could display both static information to all members and customized resources that could help them find financial help.


We pointed people to stimulus check calculators and eligibility checks, local resources, pages from their financial institutions where they could get help, and a lot of great in-house editorial content.

Credit Karma screenshot: Relief Roadmap

Hide ad topics

Facebook, 2016

Facebook screenshot: hide ad topics

Facebook serves ads on a variety of topics that might be difficult for people for one reason or another: alcohol, pregnancy, parenthood, marriage, etc. We knew people would appreciate a way to control these experiences, and conducted both surveys and research to discover more about what topics they’d want to control, how strong their feelings about them were, and other important insights.


In 2016, we introduced a way to hide ads related to 2 topics: alcohol and parenting. Facebook later added other topics.

Ad preferences

Facebook, 2016

At the time, Facebook's ad preferences consisted of a few scattered settings and a flat list of interests without much context. In order to provide more transparency and better access to controls, we reorganized and redesigned the surface, adding content that contextualized choices and clearly organized information into logical, scannable categories.

Facebook screnshot: Ad preferences
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